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Party Planning

I can help you select the brands to serve, equipment to tap it and coordinate delivery and set up.  We can accommodate small gatherings serving just a few cases up to huge events hosting thousands of guests.  Listed below are answers to the most commonly asked questions. Our list of beer is always growing, please inquire for updates and seasonal selections.

Support your local brewer!  We offer a great selection of beers from PA and right here in York County.  These would be a great addition to any event and support local businesses.

I look forward to helping you plan your next event.


Victoria Stambaugh

A Keg Kart can be rented for $100 for the first rental, and $75 for every subsequent kart on the order.

A minimum of 3 1/2 kegs are required to rent a trailer.
  • Small – Up to 12 kegs.
  • Medium – Up to 18 kegs.
  • Large – Up to 24 kegs.
  • Extra Large – Up to 30 kegs.
  • Draft Truck – Up to 50 kegs.

Our technicians are available to change kegs & keep draft vehicles running properly. they are available for $20 per hour and require a minimum of 5 hours to book. This time includes the travel time to and from the event.

Delivery available in PA only York, Adams, Franklin & Fulton Counties.

Call Vicki 717-757-3515 Ext 234 to order
beer and equipment for your event.

**These prices DO NOT include the price of beer. For beer prices please inquire when calling to schedule your party.

**Equipment gets booked very quickly, so please call as soon as possible to book your party!

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get in touch with us.